Rent a car BYD Seagull in Tashkent

BYD Seagull steel chastyu series BYD Ocean and built on the electric platform BYD 3.0, in fact it is a reduced and improved version model BYD Dolphin, unified nodes and a single design idea. Seagull is positioned as a full-fledged passenger car model with a sufficiently spacious interior, quality finish and good equipment. Overall length BYD Seagull: Length — 3780 mm, width — 1715 mm, height — 1540 mm, wheelbase — 2500 mm. Standard trolley — 15-16-inch. The space in the Seagull cabin is large enough for its class with a wheeled base and a one-volume profile with a strong sliding front glass. The rear side is strictly double, the accessory screen has a diagonal of 5 inches, the multimedia screen is 12.8 inches. Komplektsiya Fly osnashchatsya odnim elektromotorom na peredney osi, ego moshchnost 55 kW (75 hp). The lithium-iron-phosphate battery has a capacity of 38.88 kWh, which makes it possible to drive 405 km per CLTC cycle.Rent a car BYD Seagull in Tashkent